Ovation Events was founded by a team with more than twenty years of experience in live entertainment in 2007.
Our company specializes in live show production and tour management around the world.
We present the most entertaining international shows, including ballet, dance, music and theater productions.
We prefer a long-term cooperation a short-term profit.


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A brilliant company that has gathered within itself all that is called the «Russian school of classical ballet» — the strict classic elegance, a fresh breath of the twenty-first century, a perfect dance performance in combination with a truly royal splendor of costumes and scenery. St. Petersburg Festival Ballet combines best traditions and spirit of St. Petersburg ballet. Elegance, grace, delightful lightness is what makes the St. Petersburg ballet different.


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World Tour in 40 countries and more than one million viewers! For the first time in Germany. The international press colled them Gods of Dance, Miracles of Genetics, Scenic Phenomenon! Vivancos! With the artistic collaboration of the creator of “Corteo” of Cirque du Soleil and the Artistic director of the Turin’s Olympic Games, the Budapest Symphonic Orquestra, the composer of “the Impossible” soundtracks…

The Underwater Bubble Show

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Adults and children alike will enjoy the show, thanks to the high interactivity and audience participation, the extremely visual content (there are no spoken words as all the show is musical) and the different level of interpretations that will make adults to think and children to smile.


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TODES - not just modern ballet. This is a real factory of beauty - the best traditions of classical ballet and modern trends in contemporary dance culture combine in a unique concept, created by the famous choreographer Alla Duhova.


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