St. Petersburg Festival Ballet

A brilliant company that has gathered within itself all that is called the «Russian school of classical ballet» — the strict classic elegance, a fresh breath of the twenty-first century, a perfect dance performance in combination with a truly royal splendor of costumes and scenery. St. Petersburg Festival Ballet combines best traditions and spirit of St. Petersburg ballet. Elegance, grace, delightful lightness is what makes the St. Petersburg ballet different. St. Petersburg Festival Ballet is based on a leading ballet artists from St. Petersburg and the ballet troupe from the best ballet theaters, which is the continuators of St. Petersburg ballet traditions. The principal dancers are Winners of International contests. During last two years St.Petersburg Festival Ballet with great success has toured in 10 European countries. This season it will present the pearls of world classics: The Nutcracker Swan Lake Sleeping Beauty


Swan Lake

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The Nutcracker


Sleeping Beauty



Swan Lake

The Nutcracker

Sleeping Beauty  

Reviews «… A world-class ballet, equipped complex, brilliantly staged and technically perfect dance, beautiful to watch, a visual delight …» Soest Gazette „P. Tchaikovsky’s «Swan Lake» by St. Petersburg Festival Ballet, one of the best ballet companies in Russia, was an unforgettable experience at the Culture Centre of Ludensheid.“ Lüdenscheid Abend Zeitung St. Petersburg Festival Ballet performed the show «The Nutcracker» at the highest level. Herne Daily «Before the big Christmas tree on stage danced with a lightness, as if the laws of gravity would not apply to them …» Jeetze courier Salzwedel


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