Vivancos! World Tour in 40 countries and more than one million viewers! For the first time in Germany. The international press colled them Gods of Dance, Miracles of Genetics, Scenic Phenomenon! Vivancos! With the artistic collaboration of the creator of “Corteo” of Cirque du Soleil and the Artistic director of the Turin’s Olympic Games, the Budapest Symphonic Orquestra, the composer of “the Impossible” soundtracks… Vivancos is more than just a music and dance company, it is a way of life brought onstage. Their musical-scenic productions bring forth fusion and innovation, blending tradition with modern flares and virtuosity with spectacular effects in a unique style that has made them one of the leading groups with greater international projection of the actual artistic panorama. Vivancos are 7 internationally renowned brothers, unified by art. Throughout their childhood they traveled the world living in many of the cultural capitals of the world, like England, Nederland, Canada, Mexico or Spain, learning the different ways of understanding art and showmanship, and slowly mastering many different art forms like flamenco, martial arts, classical ballet, music, circus and acrobatics, taught always by their father. Revolutionary, innovative, unique, shocking, extraordinary…. Will leave you breathless!




«This show is so hot it’s in danger of setting the stage on fire» New York Daily News (USA)
“GODS OF DANCE!” Heaven Live (Greece)
«It´s dance as rock concert, but so much more artistic» The New York Times (USA)
«Innovative, ground, breacking, fresh» Giorgio Armani
«Seven miracles of the genetic code» El Mundo (Spain)
«They conquer it all with their energy & artistic virtuosity» Vanguardia Liberal (Mexico)